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Samsung Galaxy SIV: A Specifications Review

Samsung Galaxy SIV: A Specifications Review


The Next Big Thing is here?  Not really but will be available soon. Soon? I mean will be available by May 2013. So even if it is not to be released tomorrow what makes it so interesting and catchy?

The answer is quite simple. The rumours that started flying after Samsung Galaxy SIII got extremely popular last year, made the upcoming Samsung flagship a must watch (at least, if not interested in buying). So what were the rumours that compelled every techno-lover to love Samsung Galaxy SIV?

Rumours?  We just love rumours because that’s something which gives us a reason to get excited even if we  don’t believe in these kinda’ things.  So here’s a brief roll-out of the rumoured specs that are supposed to come with Samsung Galaxy SIV.

1. 5″ Full HD Super AMOLED Display:  Samsung has not revealed the actual plan but 5inch display for Upcoming Galaxy SIV makes some sense. Samsung has already introduced Note 2 earlier last year that carries a 5.5 inch dispaly and hence belongs to phablet family. So even if Galaxy SIV has a 5 inch display, it will probably belong to Phablet group. That’s why a 4.99 inch display marks the first line of Samsung’s upcoming ( however it is a  theory with no sense).


2. Quad Core ARM Cortex A15 CPU: More power? who doesn’t need more power. Everyone desire of a smartphone that runs on a super CPU and is capable of handling different tasks easily. Quad Core ARM Cortex A15 CPU is rumoured to come with Galaxy SIV but we have also heard an octa-core processor to come packed (Octa core Processor was unveiled recently during CES). Let’s just assume it to run on a 2.0 GHz Quad core Processor that will give a 2X performance boost over SIII.

3. 13 MP Camera: We have already seen Nokia bringing in a monster 41 MP camera phone i.e, Nokia 808 Pureview earlier last year. So every single mobile phone manufacturer is gearing up to improve the camera section. One can easily predict Nokia to release a new Pureview camera at MWC ( going to be held in Barcelona this month). So if Samsung is releasing the flagship in April this year, it will have to bring a great Camera combined with never-seen-before technologies to make sure it has an impact over Nokia’s flagship. It’s been rumoured that Samsung is developing a 13 MP camera for Galaxy SIV but we can expect a bigger one.

4. Different Design Algorithm: This topic is a bit controversial since Samsung hasn’t really changed the design pattern it adopts for different Galaxy Smartphones. However, it’s been rumoured that we will see a different design approach with Galaxy SIV but don’t count on it as we have no proof for this.




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