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Earn a chance to work with WPMU.org (Only WordPress experts invited)

Earn a chance to work with WPMU.org (Only WordPress experts invited)


If you know quantitatively a lot or qualitatively a little about Wordpress cms, then there’s a great money making opportunity up for grabs at WPMU.org. The people at WPMU.org are looking for some writers/contributors who are able to write how to articles on anything wordpress, be it update, plugins or themes. The much known site is looking for someone who could deliver them a nicely written article of 1500 words and above. Yes, 1500 is the minimum here.

What you will need to do? 

Your job is to “do the work” for these people. Spend the time doing the research needed for a topic, so they don’t have to. Teach them how to do something that would really up their game or save them time.

Show them a different perspective on a topic. Open their eyes to new possibilities. Take an opinion on something. Persuade them to your point of view. Provoke them. Spur them to new ideas.

Map out a process. Compare things. Contrast things. Analyze things. Draw conclusions. Show them how to do something in awe-inspiring detail. Get into the nitty. Get into the gritty.

What money I am gonna make with a 1500 word article?

Well, in order to make some crazy money with WPMU.org, you need to be approved by them, first. To do that there’s a form in which you need to put your contact details and a short article of at least 5 paragraphs with a proper title and summary (excerpt). Once approved, according to WPMU, there’s no guarantee that your article will go live but wait if it manages to go live, you will be sent a hefty sum of $150 through paypal within 3 days of publication. You can also get a chance to become a staff at WPMU.org. So, don’t let others ruin your opportunity and get the crazy offer. Just go here and find all necessary terms and conditions to apply. Good Luck.



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